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What can I put in my recycling bin? 

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London Borough of Haringey

Your recycling bin is –  the green lidded wheelie bin or green sack

  • Green lidded wheelie bin - Most properties with a front garden are provided with a wheelie bin for their recycling.
  • Green sack -  At some properties there is not enough room in the front garden or yard for a bin, or there are too many steps down to the pavement for our collection crews to safely move a bin full of rubbish. In these locations residents will be asked to present their recycling in green sacks for the normal collection 
  • Communal containers for blocks and estates – look out for the large black bins with photos of recyclable items on them
  • Properties with front gardens also have separate containers to recycle their food and garden waste

What can I put in my green wheelie bin or sack?