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Your frequently asked questions about recycling

Here are just a few of the questions most people have abut recycling - Why should you? What's in it for you? Surely it just all goes to the same place, doesn't it....? Click on the questions to find the answer you want.

Recycling FAQs

  • Why should I recycle?

  • Why can’t some things be recycled?

  • Where can I recycle my waste?

  • What happens to my recycling after it is collected?

  • What can I recycle?

  • My recycling/rubbish hasn’t been collected – what should I do?

  • Do you pay reuse and recycling credits?

  • What happens to waste that can’t be recycled?

  • How is reducing and reusing different to recycling?

  • What is recycling?

  • How often is my recycling collected and what is my collection day?

  • How do I know it gets recycled?

  • I live on a housing estate or in a high-rise flat / apartment block – how can I recycle?